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Affordable Adjustable Ergonomic Workstation Solutions

Electric actuators raise the table and the monitor, shown with Flat Panel Arms

The Infinity Station

Ergonomic Workstations

The Infinity Station is an electrically actuated adjustable computer workstation. Designed for business, schools, libraries and homes, our unique design was derived from the complex issues of function and cost in making a wheelchair accessible, computer workstation for schools. The Infinity Station is ADA compliant with wheelchair accessibility and low vision applications. Wheelchair users, children and adults can use the same workstation by electrically adjusting the work surface and monitor heights. The Flat Panel Monitor Arm has a wide range of movements, and low vision applications.

Infinity Station's electric linear actuators raise and lower the work surface and power our unique monitor lift. The monitor lift raises the monitor above the work surface to the ergonomically recommended eye level position. The Infinity Station provides unprecedented ranges of movement, and adjustability.

Our adjustable school computer workstation fits first graders through most adults sitting. Children finally have an adjustable computer desk for school or home that will grow with them. Children no longer have to crane their necks, sit with arms chicken winged and their feet dangling above the floor.

Instead of "bending" to fit your workstation, the Infinity Station "bends' to fit your ergonomic needs.

We have a particular interest in helping schools furnish computer labs with ergonomically adjustable computer workstations. Please contact us if your school is interested or if you would like to contribute to furnishing ergonomic workstations to computer labs in schools [email protected] 

The Infinity Station ll has sit/stand capabilities with an unprecedented range of adjustment in an ergonomic computer workstation. The Infinity Station school model can fit everyone in a family.

Our Knee-Tap Methodology is a logical, intuitive means for establishing ergonomically correct heights for computer workstations, chair seat pan, work surface and monitor for any individual.


*Infinity Station with FPA (flat panel arm), 30"d x 36"w, (computer, monitor and chair are not included) 

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